Thursday, October 30, 2008

Last card for the night

With me it's either feast or famine....I've took a little time tonight to try and catch up on my cards that have been made....for some reason I can only get the blogger to allow me 5 cards or project pics whatever, downloaded at one this is the last of my "Thank you" cards....TFL and I hope ya'll have a blessed evening and an even more blessed life....

I used D'vine swirl for cuttlebug embossed folder, cuttlebug die for the scallop & cuttlebug embossed "thank you" for the sentiment, asst. ribbon & lots of fun inking!!

Thanks & Thank you cards

I made a large amount of Thank you & Thanks card ahead....cause there is ALWAY^S someone to be thankful for and I want to be ready in advance....scary I know

I used cuttlebug embossing folder, script texture and 2x2 cuttlebug embossing for "many thanks" sentiment, stampin up for notebook edged punch, asst. primas and corner edge punch, also lots of inking and asst. ribbon...the tag is a cuttlebug die, that the sentiment is embossed on. Cuttlebug sentiment embossed "many thanks", cuttlebug die for scallop, asst. ribbon, cuttlebug traffic jam embossing folder, fiskars threading water edge punch, lots of inking.
cuttlebug traffic jam embossing folder, "Thank you" sentiment is cuttlebug embossed folder, cuttlebug die used for tag that sentiment sits on, asst. primas, asst. ribbon, lots of inking.

Thank you cuttlebug embossed folder, sentiment "Thank you" is cuttlebug embossed 2x2 folder, asst. ribbon, cuttlebug dies for the open circle and circle, lots of inking.

Same items used for this card, as I used in above card, just chose different color scheme.

These were alot of fun to make and I was suprised how easy they were to make....maybe bulk is right!!!

Thoughts & Prayers

A precious member of our Church, Edith, was recently in a really bad car accident and had to be rushed to UT medical ct.....she's slowly on the road to recovery...Praise The Lord!!!!....Prayer DOES work!!

This is a card that I sent with her daughter, while she was still @ the let her know we was thinking of her and she is loved.
I used DCWV PP & CS, Alphalicious cricut cart for the oval scallop & shadow, lots of inking, "THoughts & Prayers" sentiment is from the computer and I used a heart brad to tie the primas together....also used cuttlebug flower, embossing folder.


Pastor Appreciation

When our Pastor preaches it's in a way that you can so easily understand the word of Our Lord....Directly, word for word, out of The Holy Bible....What a true blessing to have such a loving Church and then to have a Pastor that Loves Jesus and loves to share his word.
So many false preachers try and turn the word of God around to suit their needs...It really makes you appreciate being taught the Word of Our Lord & Saviour by a truly wonderful, God fearing, Pastor....for so many years I took Christianity for granted and never again will I repeat that mistake. I am so truly blessed to be born again and to be blessed with a wonderful family....Thank you Jesus!!!

This is the card I made for Our Pastor this past Sunday, which was Pastor Appreciation day....Some made cards and a love offering was taken up....We are so truly blessed with an AWESOME Pastor!!! I used mini mono. cricut cart for the scallop & shadow, PP {Unknown}, DCWV CS, Asst. ribbon, inking, eyelets, "greatly appreciated" sentiment, is a computer font, cuttlebug embossing folder.


Thank You cards for Soldiers

Cynthia on Faithscrapbooking MB came up with an awesome plan to send cards to our MB members whos husbands, sons or SIL's, ect. are overseas or have been, so we each sent 3 cards and she addressed them and sent them on to our brave soldiers serving in Iraq!!!

I chose to do a Patriotic theme with a "thank you" sentiment...I used PP{Unknown}, DCWV CS, Mini Monograms cricut cart for the scallop & shadow, "Thank You" sentiment from computer. Eyelets & lots of inking also used ribbon {unknown} under the scallop

Used mini mono. cart for scallop square, cuttlebug dies for star and opened circle, cuttlebug embossing folder for diamonds, lots of inking, eyelets, asst. ribbon. "Thank you" sentiment from computer. PP {unknown}, DCWV CS
This card I used pretty much same items just different color theme....sorry ya gotta turn ment to edit and had too much trouble posting, so figured you all would forgive me just this once!

These were really fun to make...GOTTA love our soldiers and their sacrifices for our freedom!!!

Blessing to you

This is a card I made some time back for our youth minister and his lovely wife...they've been @ our Church a year and we all I made a card to show how much they are loved.
Used Thank you cuttlebug folder for embossing envelope & swiss dots folder for embossing too....Just thought I'd do alittle something diff.

"Blessing to you" is from celebrations cricut cart..."Both" is from cuttlebug alpha dies...DCWV PP & CS...also used swiss dots for embossing folder


Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've been absent for some time from here....I didn't realize it had been that long since my last post.....I've had alot going on, as

I've been working on some cards, which I will post later....I thought I might try and get a few extra made in advance since I always seem to be running behind.

Most of the kids are out of school this week for fall break, but Jimmy is still in, since his school is Federal funding. Anymore he wants to go to school more so than not. I hope David takes to it as easy...yeah right.

I've got alot of projects to work on, so I will try and get those atleast started the next few days, which means cutting back on MB time....& blogging ect.....It'll be worth it if I can get ahead.

We just finished out a Revival @ our Church.....It was awesome, course most Revivals are. I wish we'd of had a better turnout, but all in all it was a great time of fellowship and great messages shared.

The Lord is such a blessing in our daily lives. I've wasted too much of my life without living right, that I will NEVER allow myself to live without Him again!! Life promblems are so much easier to deal with when you're walking in the Lords precious light....once you've put your trust in Him you truly know what it is to have peace in your life. It's easier to forgive, forget, move on and pray for your friends and enemies alike. With Jesus in my heart I truly have no enemies though, there may be those that don't like me, but I pray for them and wish them well. That's what the Joy and peace of knowing Jesus and living his word daily is like.It's awesome how you can be going through something in your life and instead of panicking or losing faith you turn to the Lord and in his word you can find the precious verses to soothe your mind....that's the Precious Lord working with you daily. Stay faithful to Him and He in turn will NEVER forsake you....what a friend we have in JESUS.....Thank You LORD!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby shower card

This is a card I made for a girl @ Church, she's due in Dec......I'm thinking about making her an 8x8 album for her soon to be little guy, but haven't felt motivated to attempted it we shall see.......
I used a font from my computer for the sentiment and used torn edged decorative scissors, lots of inking, lamb button, asst. primas, DCWV PP & CS, Handprints are a stamped image that is heat embossed{I love this method, but I can't stand the}, ribbon....TFL
I love this precious lamb button, but I have such a hard time adhering buttons to anything....everything I use just doesn't make them stick.

This was fun to make and I can't believe I'm prepared and done with it before her shower is, Sheri

A few cards

This was a card I made for a couple that was recently blessed with a precious baby girl....CONGRATS to them......I used my fiskar stamps for the sentiment....lots of inking, ribbon DCWV pp, DCWV CS...TFL I made this for a sweet & dear to us couple @ Church for all their kindness, mostly just for being them.....Asst. primas, inking edges, victorian edged scissors, "thank you" stamp for sentiment, ribbon, DCWV pp & CS....TFL
A "Happy B-day" card to my FIL....CB embossing folder, ribbon, cricut celebration cart for the party hat & cupcakes...lots of inking{of}, "Happy B-day" sentiment from the computer, DCWV glitter CS{for the cupcake topping} & CS...TFL
"Thinking of you" sentiment from the computer, butterfly is CB die cut, square that sentiment sits on and stamp edge is also CB die cut, CB paisley embossing folder, inking & used ruler for torn edges...TFL
"Thinking of you" sentiment from the computer, butterfly is CB die cut, also CB die cut is what the sentimet is printed on, ribbon, inked edges, DCWV PP & CS & glittered CS, prima & brad...TFL
You see why I can't get into the LO mode...I'm too tied up in making cards, they are all for such a blessed reason and I'm thankful for the ability and opportunity to make them.....Hugs, Sheri

Word book

I'm blessed with the baby bug, so I made the letters for this word book then I ATG'ed them to chipboard and hand cut them out....I made this for my sis.

Thanks for looking....have a blessed day and remember....JESUS LOVES YOU!!!!
Hugs, Sheri

Friday, October 3, 2008

Partial Birth Abortion {The Facts}

A new friend I found on My Space posted this on her Blog and I wanted to pass it on....It's an eye opener. Election time is right around the corner. Our Country needs the power of Prayer in it. Obama says one thing and does another, does one thing and says another.
Ezekiel 18:4; Matt.18:10; Psalms127:3;
Praise be to our Precious Lord in the Highest!!!!

Tonight I took the time to research PBA (PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION). And after watching a few videos and reading a few web pages I find myself wanting to ask my friends, do you know what PBA is?And how the procedure is preformed? Because I thought I had a pretty good idea until tonight. I have also learned a lot of people who are PRO-ABORTION, do not realize how PBA is preformed. I read where one man who was pro-abortion and he had never heard of PBA's. When he was shown on-line, he was completely horrified andshocked that people would actually do this to their child!A PRO -ABORTION supporter was even SHOCKED! I want this news about PBA's to get out I'm sure most people will be as shocked as well about PBA's. It is the most shocking and disturbing act I have ever seen. I'm sure if you did not know before you read and view this blog you will understand soon why I have to say it is nothing short of MURDER. Here is PBA explained in words~Partial Birth Abortion (PBA) is the "medical procedure" where the abortionist, guided by ultrasound, grabs the legs of a healthy, normal baby with forceps and is pulled out into the birth canal. The abortionist delivers the baby's entire body, except for the head (the head must stay inside the mother OR is wouldbe called MURDER. Thats why its called PARTIAL birth.) then jams scissors intothe baby's skull. The scissors are then opened to enlarge the hole. The scissors are removed and a suction catheter is inserted. The child's brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. The dead baby is then removed. Can you believe that? I was sitting here with my hand over my mouth with the look of horror in my eyes the whole time. I cannot even start to understand how the (I'm not going to call him a Doctor!) the Abortionist preforming this can bring him or herself to do that! NOW, you read about it.And now below are a couple links to videos I found on YOU TUBE . COM. I searched Partial Birth Abortion to find any info about PBA's there. Here are the two I think people should see.The videos are not of an actual PBA. But some of the scenes contain explicit material, and parental guidance is advised. This first one is a Color Illustrated Video. The illustrations are prepared on instructional paper by an Ohio abortionistexplaining step by step how he performs the procedure on a baby at 24 weeksof gestational age. It is titled


This one is footage from "Gods Miracle Of Life" Featuring Dr. William LileHe give a demonstration of a PBA using a doll.[CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO]

There are more if you search, I just felt these explained it best.I ALSO want you to REGISTER to VOTE if you have not. One way we can help FIGHT this tragic ""medical procedure""Is voting for McCain and Palin in November 2008! They are against PBA and OBAMA voted for it! Yes, Obama supports PBA's! To verify this you can see his (and any others) voting history So after you have viewed and read about PBA's and you agree it is abominable and nothing less than murder please forward this message. You are welcome to COPY and PASTE it anywhere you like.