Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And even MORE storage solutions...{the last of mine}

These are just plain filing folders and they are used to store all my scraps of cardstock...I found a plastic filing folder container at WM and it has a snap tight lid...works great....I seperate them by color{of course}
I have tons of stickers {thanks HL...lol} and so I was tired of never using them, cause of course I could never find what I needed....I store them by theme in large ziploc bags and then they sit inside this container, which I found at WM years ago.
I've got so many embellishments and I wonder, at times, if i'm ever really going to use all of them...craziness...anyhoo...these are tackle boxes that are found at WM in fishing supplies {I'd say the fishing container companies loveeeee scrapbookers....lol}

I found these at big lots a long time back and they hold my 12x12 Printed Paper by theme....really good buy....I only bought three at the time, hoping that would curb my paper fetish....yeah right, it might of worked if DCWV quit coming out with so many AWESOME stacks...lol

These are protective sheet covers and they hold all my alphabet stickers....I use the same storage solution for my vinyl stamp sets.

die cut letters and some chipboard letters are stored in MORE tackle boxes from where? WALMART....lol

More embellishments
Thanks for looking...hopefully it inspires ya'll if your needing any ideas and I'm always open to hear better storage solutions....I love organizing my supplies.....I must really start using them though...lol
}}}HUGS{{{, Sheri G

This is a weird storage solution but hey...it works...lol....I actually found these protective sheets at staples too and they are for business cards...pretty cool actually...I fold them in half and can put my alphabet cuttlebug dies in the slots back to back...then store them in a three ring binder.

These are my cuttlekids dies and they are stored in baseball card folders that I found at WM

These are stored in the business card protective sheets that I found at staples...they hold all my 2x2 cuttlebug embossing folders

This is not one of my prettiest storing solutions, but again, it woks...lol....this is some sheets of thick vinyl protective covers I found at staples and I ended up cutting them apart and sewing the dimensions I needed to store my 3x3 cuttlebug dies

business card protective sheets also hold my 2x2 cuttlebug dies


More storage solutions

This container was given to me by a friend and it stores my eyelets and brads...love it!!

I have loads of ribbon {one of my addictions...lol}....they are stored in the DMC thread containers that I found at WM a long time back....I also store alot of DMC thread in these style containers

I found these containers at WM in the fishing supplies area they hold my beautiful Primas

Same container as the one that holds the primas, but this one hold all my mini inks

Scrap supplies - Storage solutions

Here lately on the CMB, I've seen some really great storage solution ideas and through the years have really been inspired by alot of them, so I really wanted to share how I store alot of my loved scrap supplies....Any questions feel free to ask and I'll help out as much as I can....enjoy and TFL.

This is how I store my Cuttlebug embossing folders....it even holds the ones that come with the full sized dies to match the embossing folders....They was all really easy to make....just sewed the edges to fit the folders into the sheets snug....all the sheets fit nicely...I found the sheets @ staples.
I used velcro, so they would stay in when taking the 3 ring binder in and out of my bookcase

}}}HUGS{{{, TFstopping by....Sheri G.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm backkkkkkk!!!

I can't believe I've neglected my poor blog since Feb....granted it's been that long since I've been crafting, making cards, ect....just haven't felt creative....I'm hopin and praying that will change...I've got WAYYYY TOO MUCH goodies to leave them to waste...lol

I did aquire the Cricut design studios....not really played with it much....it's defiantly not as user friendly as SCAL, but it'll come in handy, if I ever put it to use...lol...I need to clean my files up on my computer, first and foremost....my computer is sooooo slowwwwwww....AVG takes FOREVER to scan files for viruses and I know a cleaning on the computer day will fix that issue.

I feel really outta sorts today, didn't get to go to Church, which brought me down....the boys have come down with the fifths disease, which why they call it that is a mystery to me, cause it's actually a virus.....alot like a really bad heat rash....first Jimmy got it and now David has it....it's no longer contagious, but I know some of the parents might of frowned on me bringging Dew to Church like that...lol...Hey, I would of frowned on it, especially if I wasn't aware of what it was.

We are blessed to be expecting a new Glup baby in Nov.....I prayed about it, really wanting another one and the AWESOME Lord I'm so blessed to serve has answered my prayer...NO TURNING BACK NOW!!! {What was I thinking....lol...j'king} We will wait to find out the sex of this baby, like we did our boys, till it's arrival...we couldn't imagine it any other way...it's more exciting that way!!

David is going through the terrible two's, has been since before Feb....Hmmmm, perhaps that explains the lack of "BLOG ACTIVITY"....lol....If he's not into it, Jimmy's coaching Him to get into it, so NEVER a dull moment at the Glup household...lol

Jimmy's our llittle preacher......the other day at the ballpark he preformed for whoever would listen...lol....It's like "mummble, mummble....and Jesus said and AMEN.....muble, mumble." So stinking cute....hey he's only 4....he loves to preach and put on a show...I pray so sincerely he NEVER loses His love for sharing the Gospel....especially once He get's to really know it.

God has blessed our family in so many ways and I pray I NEVER again take His love, mercy, and grace for granted again.

Well I've went on enough...just trying to catch up for lost time...hopefully I can keep updated more now and get more creative.....Have a blessed day!!

Sheri G