Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Betty Boop

My Gamy celebrated her 87th B-day in the hospital yesterday and so I decided to make her one of her favorite characters for a card...the piecing, chalking and gluing was meticulous work, but I like how it turned out and it was fun to do....TFL:0)
The Betty Boop image was a SVG SCAL file that I found on MARDENZ blog...she's an amazingly talented woman and shares her talent...if you've never visited her blog GO won't want to leave...."Happy Birthday" is from the boulder Font, cut with my SCAL 2.0 program and the cricut...the card is cut on the Imagine cricut, using the just because cards cart and the printed paper part of the card is from the imagine more cart and I used stickles on her dress and shoes...I was in a hurry to get it completed and so that is why the B isn't welded to irthday....I thought it was all welded until cutting
Have a blessed day

Paper flower bouquet

This was my first attempt at making a paper flower bouquet...I truly enjoyed doing it...really time consuming, but my Gamy was well worth the time it took to make it for...TFL
I used the walk in my garden cart for the assorted flowers, the "love" sentiment was from beyond birthdays cart, and I used the cuttlebug for embossing, the butterfly is from Home decor cart.

Defiantly a work in progress, but the important thing is that Gamy enjoyed it and that's really all that matters:0)
Have a blessed day

A few Imagine projects

I've made alot of cuts with my Imagine, but haven't had alot of time to actually put them together, so thought I'd share what I was able to get done...TFL:0)
This is a Get well card that I made for my precious Gamy, after being in ICU for over a week and a half, I was finally able to give her something she could put in her own room...God is awesome and heard all the many prayers going out to lift her up for recovery...She's an amazing woman and not yet ready to leave this world, which so many of us our thankful for:0)

The "Get well soon" sentiment is from Calligraphy collection cart, which the 3 designs that are stacked on top of each other, are also from, the frame and it's shadow is the stock image on the imagine, all the printed paper is from the Imagine more cart and I used the Martha Stewart border punch
This was for no one in particular, just for fun...I use the New arrival cart for the sentiment and circle designs, the frame is from the stock shapes on the Imagine and all the printed paper is from the Nursery tails cart...I also used the cuttlebug to emboss with...TFL
Have a blessed day

Imagine and Gypsy

I was one of the very few that had no major issues merging my Gypsy with my thankful....I'm loving my new Gypsy, I know once it's fully compatible with the Imagine I'll love it even more...The gypsy offers so many more features than the CDS and I've found it really easy to learn how to use, thanks to watching so many bloggers and their awesome tutorials on you tube:0)

I'm waiting patiently for the new Imagine mats to be more about difficult to find...I've not had any luck at most the online stores either. So I'm trying to conserve my mat for

Have a blessed day:0)
These are cards I made in Sept for 3 different B-days....September is such a busy month...IN would be smarter to start in Sept of the previous year , in order to get all the many Sept. B-day cards

I used the Gypsy cart for the sentiment and the butterfly and of course the cuttlebug for the embossing ...the scallop is from my nestabillities. The border punch is Martha Stewart.
Close up view

Gypsy cart for the sentiment and nestabillities dies for the squares and the border is a Martha Stewart punch.

TFL, Have a blessed day


Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward. Psalm 127:3

I am truly blessed with the most precious boys...God has been so good to us....ALL THE TIME....EVERYTIME!!

I have to remind myself of this had the greatest intentions of getting lots of fun project done, so I could enter into a few of the blogs that are searching for new was God's way of telling me.."Good Luck" following pics pretty much speak for themselves, as to why I didn't complete any of my "bog idea" in time to be considered as a blog

This is way too many projects goin at one time...what can I say...I love my new imagine and went cut TIMES!!!

My middle son, David, is showing signs of becoming a "HOARDER" is the remnants of his toys that I dragged out of the closet...God love him...He's had to fight Jimmy for a few years on toys he wants, that he's finally came up with the plan to hide and protect what's
As you can see it's all located in mommy's scrapping room...WOW...lot's of creating going on here...and scrapping is SUPPOSE to be
Little Eli...what a hottie...he just wants to learn how to use mommy's new play toy...can you blame

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cricut Imagine .....

Just had to share this before I crawl in the bed for the night....something I should of been doing a few hours ago!! LOL...oh well...been blog hopping and it was so much fun!!

Anyhoo wanted to share real quick something I learned tonight on the Imagine, which I'm so in love with!!

With your original cricut carts, the ones that have layers, you can individually choose the colors you want for each layer!! How awesome is that....Now I can't wait to get some vinyl and I'll be doing alot of items in the boys room!!

Added a few pics, none of it's glued together yet, just was excited and wanted to share....TFL:0)

Have a blessed eve

Thank you cards .....

These are a few of the thank you cards that I made for the wonderful gifts that were given at my baby shower....I didn't know what I was having {boy or girl}, so I tried to stick with neutral colors.

This past years creations:0) enjoy!!

This was my first Tri-shutter card, I found the direction on the MB...from Bonnie Szwalkiewicz...she gave awesome directions and made this creation so fun to do, it's time consuming, but so worth it!!

Another version:0)
I love the "A Child's year" cart, it offers a whole keyboard of just cards too, so amazing, well worth the money!!
This is DCWV "The SWEET stack" and I used a sizzix dies for the "Happy Birthday" sentiment
TFL...Have a blessed day,

Peaceful Saturday...."IMAGINE"

Doesn't seem as noisy as usual around here...oh yeah, the boys are at their Gamy's {temporarily, gotta go pick them up here in a}

Yesterday was an awesome day, my Cricut Imagine arrived!!! over a week early...YAY!! I had no issues calibrating it and updating the software and was able to use it a bit last night, defiantly a learning curve to it, considering I don't own the Gypsy, so I've got a bit to learn, but must say...I AM LOVING IT!!! It's so amazing what all it can do....I am not a fan of the "Best friends" cart and will probably try and sell it on eBay, cause with 3 boys, really don;t see myself using it and can put whatever I get for it, towards one I know I'll use.

I did try and use a few of my original carts with it and it's so amazing what you can do with them, I came across a few glitches with the "Graphically speaking" cart, the butterfly cut and the circle clusters have some imperfections in them and won't cut properly, also had a few issues last night having to reload the original carts to the Imagine, several times before they would finally take, kept saying"can't read cart"...hopefully this is all something that updated will fix and I won't have to opt for a replacement, cause all in all, it's worked great!!

thought I'd share some of the projects that I've done in the past year, and not shared...sorta to catch up and hopefully will have much more to share soon:0)

here's a few pics of the two cuts from the graphically speaking cart, that I was unable to cut with the Imagine....

TFL, hoping everyone has a blessed day:0)