Saturday, August 30, 2008

Done for the Day..........

This is so addicitve....I've gotten very little done today, cause I've been on here all day posting, it's worse than the MB's...LOL.....
I started out really good this morning, DH woke me up @ like 4:30, which KILLS me cause Mom & sis have the boys and it's one of the few times I could of slept till like 7, I told him (DH), that I can't win, "My boys" are always going to be waking me up....I love it, truly it's good to be loved.
Tomorrow is my "Big Day", I'm getting Baptized!!!!!.... I'm so HAPPY!!!
I gave my heart to Jesus a few weeks back and tomorrow will be the completion of my salvation.
I was baptized @ the SDA Church when I was 7, but I was so young and I truly remember very little about it, so after much praying and talking to the pastor and anyone who'd listen, I decided a couple of weeks ago to go to the altar an officialy give my heart to Jesus during Sun. morning service.....Jesus died publicly for our sins, all glory to HIM, it's only fitting that I publicly give my heart to Him!!!! The best decision I EVER made!!
A couple months ago my DH had made the decision to go back to Church and I followed thinking "Yeah I need to get the boys in church", really I needed to get myself back TOO!!!....When DH was in Iraq I was going to Church on a regular basis, but I wasn't really there....this time was different from the beginning, this time I pray as much as possible, We pray to our Heavenly Father at every meal and thank Him, as it should be!!! I LOVE reading my BIBLE.....The Holy Spirit totally changed my life......I will never look back and just continue to delve in my precious Bible and pray for the Lords good grace for knowledge from it, I will continue to strive to be a better mother and wife, but most importantly a better CHRISTIAN!!!
I'm now the proud member of a Southern Baptist Church, Pine Eden and can't get enough of being there......"I LOVE IT!!!! We are truly blessed with An Amazing Pastor, A loving church Family and the boys LOVE going, well Davey still cries in the nursery, but I know that will change in time....I wish my Family and friends would come and worship with us too, but I know that's a decision they will have to make and I will still love them and Praise our Precious Lord daily and thank Him for my Salvation....PRAISE JESUS!!!!
Thanks for letting me go on, I'm just so truly blessed and feel like I can't praise Jesus enough, Hugs to ALL, Sheri

VBS card for boys

This is the boys version of the vacation Bible school card I made....I think it turned out a little better than the girls, they was both fun to make, I was just really pushed for time, getting them done and so this was what came out of them, Hugs, Sheri

Assorted cards

These are all cards that were made for various members from our Church..... "Get well soon "was from the Beyond birthdays cart and I used the paisley cuttlebug embossing folder, DCWV for Printed cardstock and cardstock.
"Thinking of you" is from beyond birthdays cart, swiss dots for the cuttlebug embossing folder
"Thinking of you" from BB cart, cuttlebug embossing folder, cuttlebug heart, corner heart punch is fiskars...I LOVED the colors from this one(Gee wonder why, MY
"Get well soon" sentiment is from computer, I used my deckled decorative scissors for the edges of each circle, pretty plain jane card. ( I think I was in a hurry to make this one)
This one I made for Vacation Bible School (VBS)....I was blessed to be an assistant this year for the 3rd graders...It was SO FUN!!!.....I made pink for the girls in the room and yellow for the boys, which I'll have to post in a separate post, due to it only allowing me 5 posts??? I used cuttlebug for the letters "K,S,L", the turtle was from stretch your imagination cart, cuttlebug embossing folder and I finished spelling out the words with stickles. The theme this year was Outrigger Island, Know (the truth), Speak(the truth), and Live(the truth)...really FUN!!!
Thanks for looking, Hugs,Sheri

Thank You card

Another Thank You card I made.....Loved making this one.

I used alphalicious for the scalloped tag, cuttlebug embossing folder and assorted ink, DCWV, PC & CS , sentiment is a stamp from the $1 bin @ M's
DCWV=die cut with a view
PC= printed cardstock
CS=card stock
Thanks for looking, hugs, Sheri

Computer sentiments

I've always wondered how you can make a sentiment off the computer for your cards/LO's ect. I have CK scrapbooking CD, but it has limited journaling features and so Sharon, was kind enough to tell me how she creates them and this was my first go at it....I love it!!!....This one smudged a bit, but I've got the hang of it and so I will be using this technique alot in the future....Thank You again Sharon

I used WIMG cricut cart for the roses, cuttlebug embossing folder, alphalicious cricut cart for the scallops and DCWV PP and CS (usually the only paper I use)
Thanks for looking and have a blessed day, Hugs, Sheri

Congrats card

This was a Graduation card I made for my DH's Cousin.......It was really fun to make.

I used my cricut, cuttlebug and lots of inking...I used my silver ink on the black embossing and it had an awesome effect on it....I ended up making my own tassle from DMC thread. (that was pretty challenging)...thanks for looking....Hugs, Sheri
This was one of the first cards I ever made......I've made more cards than LO's...I really enjoy making them though.

I made this one for Jimmy's OT that he had over the summer
This card was made for Jimmy's PT from the summer
This was the first card I made it was for Jimmy's last teacher from Kids inc. (love that place)
Thank You for taking the time to look....Hugs, Sheri

Gel pens

I decided that I was going to take a little time this morning and get rid of some pens that no longer work and are just taking up space.
Needless to say I LOVE pens.....I have my mom to thank for collecting them.
After going through all the pens I saved my COLORFUL gel pens for last(My favorites).....
If they worked at all it was barely leaving any ink on the page......ARGHHH....I was aggravated that I threw all that money in the garbage, but I learned not to buy any more of the gel pens and let them set around, without use for a few years.
Just thought I'd share that bit of info....Hugs, Sheri

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jimmy @ Pre- K

Today is Jimmy's 3rd day @ pre-K....I can't believe he is already in pre-K :O(....He's done really good though. I've stayed with him awhile each day and when I got ready to leave he gave me a kiss and said bye, no promblem. Breaks my heart, he's growing up so fast.

David went with me today, first time, and he fit right in. He was into everything, so when his time comes maybe he'll have no promblems, yeah right!!!

I thought I'd include a few pics of Jimmy's 1st day.....Hope you're having a blessed day....Hugs, Sheri

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Birthday cards

For some reason I was only able to download 5 pics yesterday, so I'm going to try and download the rest tonight.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Cards

I've got alot of past creation cards that I created and I've been slack in getting them posted on my blog.....I'll do each occasion seperate and once they are all posted I will be caught up with that, then maybe I'll get around to posting my paper bag albums....I love making those....Hugs, Sheri G (It only let's me add 5 pics, so I'll have to do another post to get the rest)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Last LO I created (for now)

This was the first LO I created, using my brand new cricut, 2 YEARS AGO!!!! Since then I've used my cricut lots and often, just not for a LO.
I tend to get caught up in wanting to be so perfect at creating a LO that I get away from my style and then I get burnt out on it, cause I feel like I can't create as well as so many talented scrapbookers out there.
I greatly appreciate all the talent, cause it does truly inspire, but I need to stick to my own style a creativity that the Good Lord has blessed me with and be thankful for it.
Thanks for looking and I will eventually get around to posting my cards later.....Hugs, Sheri

Past LO's I've created

It seems like a Longggggg time since I've sat down, well actually stood up, cause that's how I prefer to scrap, and put together a layout. I believe the last LO I finished was the first one for my oldest son.
It was after I had received my cricut from DH, Christmas of 2006. Now that I'm a little more comfortable with my cricut I'm sure I could be more creative. I just get so tied up in making this project or that project and the cards........well that is a never ending project.
I love making cards, they are SO FUN!!!! However I will be getting back to some old fashioned scrapbooking, in the way of LAYOUTS!!!
I thought since I started this blog and have rarely shared much of my work that I'd take the time to share my past LO's and later I'll share my cards ect.
Thanks for taking the time to look......Hugs, Sheri

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1st challenge

I've never had time to enter any of the awesome challenges that so many come up with on all the MB's, however lastnight my AWESOME sis took the boys and so I decided to get creative. Hallmarkscrapbooks has a challenge going for the spaceship from PDDU cart and Jimmy is so in love with the MOON, has been since he could talk and 1st seen it. I immediately thought of him and so I created a 5x7frame with the caption "Take me to the Moon"

I used the OA cart for the "Take me to the" caption @ 1 1/1 in the upright feature and then I used the PDDU cart for the spaceship @ 2" and the moon/stars @ 2". I doubled up on the OA letters for more effect and of coursed inked most all of the edges. I used my Cuttlebug alpha dies for the "Moon" and PP is The paper Studio and the CS is DCWV...I used stickles and paper effects randomly, the teddy bear is a sticker(unknown) and I put it behind the bubble, which I used vinyl for......Thanks for looking and I hope to share more work soon....Hugs...Sheri

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I did it!!!

After much aggravation and studying, I was finally able to get a template....Thank you Sharon....big hugs to you.....I've got to get a card finished and then I will try and post a few of my cards ect. I promise to whine anymore about a plain blog....LOL

Friday, August 15, 2008

I give up

I've tried for the last couple of days to download a "fancy smanchy" template from a couple different sites, obviously to NO AVAIL!!!!
Can you tell I'm frustrated, SOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....I will be stepping away from that WHOLE PLAN and stick to the "plain smain" template. I will just be happy with what I've got a thank Jesus for it and MOVE ON!!!!
Hugs to All......Sheri

My first post

I am trying to start a new blog and am having trouble downloading a template from a third party site. So I simply deleted my original blog and am hoping to start from scratch and have a little bit better luck. This is a test post, since I can't view my template, until I have atleast one post. Please bear with me and my ignorance. I'm a work in progress here. Hugs, Sheri