Saturday, August 30, 2008

Done for the Day..........

This is so addicitve....I've gotten very little done today, cause I've been on here all day posting, it's worse than the MB's...LOL.....
I started out really good this morning, DH woke me up @ like 4:30, which KILLS me cause Mom & sis have the boys and it's one of the few times I could of slept till like 7, I told him (DH), that I can't win, "My boys" are always going to be waking me up....I love it, truly it's good to be loved.
Tomorrow is my "Big Day", I'm getting Baptized!!!!!.... I'm so HAPPY!!!
I gave my heart to Jesus a few weeks back and tomorrow will be the completion of my salvation.
I was baptized @ the SDA Church when I was 7, but I was so young and I truly remember very little about it, so after much praying and talking to the pastor and anyone who'd listen, I decided a couple of weeks ago to go to the altar an officialy give my heart to Jesus during Sun. morning service.....Jesus died publicly for our sins, all glory to HIM, it's only fitting that I publicly give my heart to Him!!!! The best decision I EVER made!!
A couple months ago my DH had made the decision to go back to Church and I followed thinking "Yeah I need to get the boys in church", really I needed to get myself back TOO!!!....When DH was in Iraq I was going to Church on a regular basis, but I wasn't really there....this time was different from the beginning, this time I pray as much as possible, We pray to our Heavenly Father at every meal and thank Him, as it should be!!! I LOVE reading my BIBLE.....The Holy Spirit totally changed my life......I will never look back and just continue to delve in my precious Bible and pray for the Lords good grace for knowledge from it, I will continue to strive to be a better mother and wife, but most importantly a better CHRISTIAN!!!
I'm now the proud member of a Southern Baptist Church, Pine Eden and can't get enough of being there......"I LOVE IT!!!! We are truly blessed with An Amazing Pastor, A loving church Family and the boys LOVE going, well Davey still cries in the nursery, but I know that will change in time....I wish my Family and friends would come and worship with us too, but I know that's a decision they will have to make and I will still love them and Praise our Precious Lord daily and thank Him for my Salvation....PRAISE JESUS!!!!
Thanks for letting me go on, I'm just so truly blessed and feel like I can't praise Jesus enough, Hugs to ALL, Sheri

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