Sunday, December 7, 2008


Hanna is the newest member to our family....We had discussed getting our oldest son a dog, "one day", since he's got CP, we had decided the best choice would be a lab.....Well "one day" came when DH decided to go to the local animal shelter and found Hanna....she a mix, but you can tell she's already a smart girl...very precious!!

I planned on waiting a bit, but as you can see DH had other boys are slowly taking to her. Jimmy will be the one to come around to her last, cause he's skittish of animals, but already he calls her to him and shows love towards her. One of the first things he said when DH first brought her home was, "Momma can her go to Church with us." precious!!

Hanna sitting with David and daddy in the livingroom {the one place I said NO ANIMAL would}
David petting his new buddy!!

Jimmy and Hanna, getting aquainted.

Precious Hanna....WELCOME!!!!


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megat said...

your blog more info ,make me excited. Congratulation!!. I come again