Saturday, October 2, 2010

Peaceful Saturday...."IMAGINE"

Doesn't seem as noisy as usual around here...oh yeah, the boys are at their Gamy's {temporarily, gotta go pick them up here in a}

Yesterday was an awesome day, my Cricut Imagine arrived!!! over a week early...YAY!! I had no issues calibrating it and updating the software and was able to use it a bit last night, defiantly a learning curve to it, considering I don't own the Gypsy, so I've got a bit to learn, but must say...I AM LOVING IT!!! It's so amazing what all it can do....I am not a fan of the "Best friends" cart and will probably try and sell it on eBay, cause with 3 boys, really don;t see myself using it and can put whatever I get for it, towards one I know I'll use.

I did try and use a few of my original carts with it and it's so amazing what you can do with them, I came across a few glitches with the "Graphically speaking" cart, the butterfly cut and the circle clusters have some imperfections in them and won't cut properly, also had a few issues last night having to reload the original carts to the Imagine, several times before they would finally take, kept saying"can't read cart"...hopefully this is all something that updated will fix and I won't have to opt for a replacement, cause all in all, it's worked great!!

thought I'd share some of the projects that I've done in the past year, and not shared...sorta to catch up and hopefully will have much more to share soon:0)

here's a few pics of the two cuts from the graphically speaking cart, that I was unable to cut with the Imagine....

TFL, hoping everyone has a blessed day:0)

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Quip1320 said...

With three boys also, I hear you on the Best Friends cartridge. As thought boys don't have Best Friends too! Would it have killed them to have put at least one boy in the mix. I keep debating if I can use the short haired girl as a boy...I'll have to play with it. I may do like you and sell mine though. I'd love to get one of the others!