Monday, December 22, 2008

Wall pops from Lowe's

Thanks to Candy I was totally enabled to buy and use these....LOVE THEM!!! Talk about addicitive.....THe cricut vinyl can be costly and cause of that I was hesitant to try it out on my cricut, but whe Candy shared with us that Lowe's had their wall pops, which are pretty much the same thing, on clearance, I went and loaded up on assorted

I was able to get mine for $1, they was ringing up for $3, but since they are considered border it was suppose to be $1 and they thankful.

This is the negative cut and I believe I will hold onto it, cause if I ever make it to M's I want to get some glass etching and use these negative cuts for that purpose...great stencil, I'm such a too bad, cause DH won't allow it!!
More negative cuts,saved for stenciling.

This was put on the wall next to my craft table, cause DH isn't too wild about sharing this awesome technique throughout the cricut cuts them so well...very detailed cuts....LOVE IT!!!

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